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Infinite Solutions is becoming a Managed Service Provider

This corporation was formed to help Sebuh Honarchian take his freelance business into an organized enterprise. Back in 2012 I started Infinite Solutions to provide computer repair services in Burbank California. Since then I have worked at other IT companies and have learned a lot about the business. I want to expand my business and grow my revenue. My vision is now coming to life with this website as the base.

What I plan to do for the start is to get my previous IT services clients to make contracts with Infsol, Inc. so that they can receive continuous support to improve their computer networks reliability.

This company will hopefully get me organized and with the proper employees working at Infsol, Inc. we can gain new clients and offer better quality services.

Right now we are seeking to hire a website frontend developer to arrange the website in a nice manner. After wards we need to setup details of our Service Level Agreements. We need to link up social media accounts for advertising and engagement farming. I need to continue improving the business plan and strategy with chatGPT as my business administration assistant.

I hope things will continue to improve and business can grow.


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